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[PRESS] Midwife Profession
13 Jan

[PRESS] Midwife Profession

MIDWIFE PROFESSION (“PROFESSION SAGE-FEMME” in French) has been THE magazine dedicated to midwives since 24 years in France. It is about scientific, medical, juridical, social, economic and politic news regarding the midwife profession.

Every year, a guide book is published as a reference for the midwife. It is called “Guide de la Prescription de la Sage-Femme” which means Midwife Prescription Guide Book. It enables to check medication or skincare prescription but also to find a pharmaceutical specialty or know products exact characteristics.

23.000 printed units are distributed to all the French midwives and to the 35 midwife schools in France.

As a brand dedicated to mums and mums-to-be, Daylily Paris is mentioned in this guide book. You will find our 4 products and their characteristics, properties, compositions and application advices.

Feel free to ask your midwife some advice on how to use Daylily Paris products. Besides, some midwives have some stretch mark oil samples. You can get some for free, with our leaflet.