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These 4 products meet all of mums-to-be and new mums needs:

- The stretch mark lotion “Le Lait Fondant” nourishes your skin and helps fight stretch marks thanks to a combination of anti-stretch mark ingredients: 5 natural oils and a micro-algae, the dermochlorella. Its smooth texture penetrates quickly and leaves a fresh and floral fragrance on your skin.

- The stretch mark oil “ L’Huile Sensorielle” prevents dehydration and boosts stretch mark prevention and reduction thanks to our 5 natural oils and our powerful active ingredient, the dermochlorella. Its dry texture and its amazing perfume are exactly what you need for a perfect relaxing moment at the end of the day.

- The Very high-SPF day cream “La crème radieuse” protects from melasma, also called the mask of pregnancy. The cream is formulated without nanoparticles and it does not leave any white residue on your face! This is the 1st cream on the market combining these 2 criteria! It also moisturises your skin and fights against skin ageing and pollution. You will keep a nice and uniform complexion thanks to its formula suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It does not leave any greasy or sticky residue and it is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

- The post-pregnancy firming balm “Le Baume Onctueux” is a 3-in-1 product: it firms, blurs cellulite and reduces stretch marks, thanks to the Body3Complex combined with 5 natural oils. Besides, it is compatible with breastfeeding.

These natural and hypoallergenic products have been developed with a midwife to meet pregnant woman and new mother needs. 100% made in France, they are formulated without alcohol, dyes, essential oils, nanoparticles, parabens or other ingredients that are unadvised during pregnancy. This means they can be safely used from the beginning of pregnancy and after delivery, as they are compatible with breastfeeding.


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un vrai plaisir

Bons produits livrés tres rapidement Texture tres agréable et penetration dans la peau rapide ne tâche pas les vêtements Seul petit bémol pour moi sur la creme visage qui a un parfum trop prononcé et difficile a supporter pour moi...

Jego, 17/10/2019
Un sans faute !

Un Super rituel pdt la grossesse, crème du matin+huile, avec crème solaire tt l'été, une odeur divine, un programme de fidélité top! Et un baume postgrossesse très agréable! Gros plus l'odeur de l'huile mon chouchou!

Justine Morillon, 04/09/2019

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