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How it all started

A shared passion for beauty

The idea behind Daylily Paris sparked in college, when Diane and Audrey, the two founders, met while pursuing their Masters in Cosmetic Marketing. As they bonded and worked compatibly on several projects together, they found out they both shared a keen interest in the beauty industry and were both drawn towards the same professional goal: becoming entrepreneurs.    

A Polynesian love story

In 2009 while interning at a monoi oil manufacturer based in Tahiti (and simultaneously spending the best holidays ever), Audrey met her (future) husband who worked as a midwife. Born and raised in the South of France, he decided to travel abroad after graduating in order to discover alternative prenatal care models. As they got to know each other and shared their own passions, the two lovers both came to the same conclusion: on top of being quite limited, the pregnancy cosmetics market was too medicine-like, the branding undesirable, not to mention the widespread use of petrochemicals and other harmful ingredients to be avoided by pregnant women.

Enlightening experiences

As years went by and the two friends broadened their knowledge through multiple work experiences, their enthusiasm towards the natural beauty movement only increased. While Audrey’s career led her to work closely with big cosmetics groups, Diane held a multitasking position for a small family-owned company – a rewarding job she ultimately quit to explore Southeast Asia and Australia. During her year-long adventure, she met Hua, a pregnant woman of Chinese descent who introduced her to the daylily flower: a symbol of motherhood native to Eastern Asia traditionally consumed before childbirth for its ancestral numbing benefits – an anecdote she kept in the back of her mind.    

A start-up baby

A Start-up baby

When Audrey got pregnant with her daughter in late 2013, she finally realized how poorly brands met pregnant women’s real needs. On top of having to avoid most pregnancy skincare products for their lack of clean formulas, applying those products daily became an actual chore, rather than a soothing pampering session and a bonding time with her baby. Textures, scents, containers and so on were to blame. She couldn’t find her beauty Holy Grail. The two friends saw the arrival of Audrey’s new bundle of joy as a sign from the Universe telling them to bring their idea to life. Diane immediately shortened her Australian trip and joined Audrey to start off their amazing project: Daylily Paris was born.

At Daylily Paris, we are committed to providing natural, clean and effective
skincare essentials, for a 100% safe, gentle and sensorial beauty routine
during and after pregnancy

Our cores values

At Daylily Paris, our dearest wish is to follow women along the drastic transformations their bodies go through, especially during the life-changing journey of pregnancy, but also before and after.

When your body is facing such incredible internal and external changes, in constant connection with your baby, it is extremely important to switch up to safer skincare products, for you and your little one.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers as best as we can by effectively and safely meeting the specific needs of future and new mothers – while staying truthful to our core values that inherently define Daylily Paris.


expertiseSince the beginning, we’ve been closely collaborating with Audrey’s husband, a midwife specialist, in order to fully grasp pregnant women and new mothers’ expectations. During each product development, we organise group talks with women from diverse backgrounds, bringing together his willing patients, as well as a handful of faithful customers or active members of the Daylily Paris community. Our goal is to pay attention to your needs and wishes, and team up to create your dream product. The same sample group then assess the product’s effectiveness under real conditions of use. Once the formula has been approved, we undertake a months-long series of tests to ensure the product’s innocuousness – and satisfy even the pickiest of you!

Daylily Paris products are hypoallergenic to suit the most sensitive skins – they’ve all been dermatologically tested and can be used from the very first month of pregnancy since we observe an extremely strict formulation charter. Our line is natural ingredients based, free from essential oils and endocrine disruptors, as well as any other hazardous substances that aren’t recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We also banned alcohol, nanoparticles, mineral oils and so on to be as clean as possible and preserve your health as well as your baby’s one. Our products are all formulated and made in France, to guarantee the highest quality standards and promote the French savoir-faire.

during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We also banned alcohol, nanoparticles, mineral oils and so on to be as clean as possible and preserve your health as well as your baby’s one. Our products are all formulated and made in France, to guarantee the highest quality standards and promote the French savoir-faire.


We believe taking care of your skin should be a special time that nurtures your well-being, and not a chore put off to the last minute. Following this mindset, we prioritised sensoriality in our products, which means we perfected the textures, scents and finishes to make them irresistible and heighten the pleasure of application. Wondering why that was so crucial for us? We deeply believe that it helps maximize the products’ effectiveness: indeed, the more pleasant your daily beauty routine is, the more regular you are with it, and the more noticeable the results will be.

Pregnancy should be a nine months break from our fast-paced world. Press pause, take some personal time and focus your energy on yourself and the little being you’re creating – but most importantly, be gentle with yourself and cultivate your self-confidence.

When we are genuinely considerate and kind with ourselves, we’re naturally inclined to act the same towards our surroundings. That’s why at Daylily Paris, we strongly oppose animal exploitation: none of our products are tested on animals and none of them contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Furthermore, we chose to limit our packaging waste as much as possible. We opted for recyclable glass and plastic packaging, and only add cardboard boxes when we absolutely can’t do otherwise for legal reasons. We also contribute financing the French recycling system through the Point Vert program, thus supporting the collection and recycling of empty tubes and bottle.

Choosing French manufacturing equals shorter production process and consequently reduced environmental impact of transportation.    


Our products are made for all women – whether they’re pregnant, breastfeeding or simply looking for natural, clean and sensorial skincare essentials. That’s why we chose to set affordable prices as much as we could, without compromising on the high-quality of the ingredients, the effectiveness of the formulas, and the sensoriality of the textures. Container sizes and designs were thoroughly thought out for daily application on specific areas, thus not encouraging over consumption.

It was imperative to be entirely transparent with you about our whole brand, whether it comes to testing, the production process, or our commitments – including explaining the function of each ingredient in the most understandable way.

Daylily Paris is not just a cosmetics company, it is first and foremost a solid team with a mompreneur of two on board that experienced the ups and downs of pregnancy herself  We’re always open to answer all your concerns and guide you during this challenging period of time. It brings us utter joy and pride to be part of your pregnancy, month after month, and follow you along the wonderful journey of motherhood.

99%* of our customers are satisfied…
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 (*customer satisfaction survey carried out on a sample of 1000 + Daylily Paris customers)