Loyalty & Referral Programs

Loyalty Program

How it works ?

At Daylily Paris, our dearest wish is to follow you along your pregnancy journey! That’s why we reward your loyalty.

Every time you place an order, you receive 5% of the total in reward points!

Here’s how to generate your reward code:

  • Log into your personal account on our website
  • Go to “My rewards” and click on the link “Transform my rewards in a voucher code
  • Go to “My vouchers” to get your coupon code
  • Copy and paste the code starting with the letters “FID” in the box at checkout.

The discount will be automatically applied to your basket.

Loyalty program


With an order total of 52,20€ (the Stretch Mark Ritual for instance, including the French VAT), you earn reward points worth 2,61€ in coupon code, available on your next purchase.



Reward codes can now be combined with other offers unless stated otherwise. You can't apply on sample pack or tote bag alone.

Referral Program

How it works

If you fell in love with our products, refer your friends by sharing your referral code! When signing in, they’ll just have to enter this code in the box provided and they’ll get sent a coupon code of 10% off their first purchase. 

Each time one of your friends places their first order on our website using your referral code, you’ll get sent a thankyou code of 10% of the amount spent by your friend. You can then use this voucher code for your next purchase.

Refferal program


Referral and thankyou codes can now be combined with other offers unless stated otherwise. You can apply them to your basket with no order minimum.

Thankyou codes can only be used one at a time. It is strictly forbidden to share your referral e-mail and/or code on any voucher code website. Any code found on this type of websites will automatically be deleted.

Loyalty program