Stéphanie, sporty mum

Who are you ?

Hello, I am Stéphanie, 31 years old, mother of 2 kids. Hugo is 3 years old and Rosie 5 months old… 2 pregnancies which went very well. It is a wonderful thing for me to be a mother and to see my children blossom. You can follow me on Instagram (iletaitune_fee). 

What is your best pregnancy memory ?

For my 1st pregnancy, that would be the day I saw this little human being inside me. Lots of emotions for me and my husband. And for the 2nd pregnancy, it was the day I knew it was a girl: MY DREAM!! It has not happened in my family for 30 years !

How did you make sport and pregnancy work together ?

I did a bit of swimming from the 5th month for the 1st pregnancy. I could not do anything before as I had a placenta detachment and the gynaecologist told me to wait a bit. Although, I could do sport until delivery for the 2nd one! It depended on my shape: swimming, fitness, walking, until I discovered prenatal yoga lessons… I loved that.

What did you think about Daylily Paris products ?

I found the Daylily Paris brand on Instagram by accident. During my 2nd pregnancy, I tried the stretch mark oil and lotion. Just from the packaging, I knew… these products were AMAZING. First, you have this lovely fragrance that reminds me of childhood (cake, candy floss…) and second I had a great skin during my entire pregnancy. The most important thing: NO STRETCH MARKS. After delivery, I used the firming balm: delightful. I got my pre-baby body back very quickly.

Something good to share ?

Amazon for diapers with fast delivery, very convenient. 

How have your days been since the baby is here ?

The pace is different with a child… but with two, it is sport and organisation! One word to be a mother AND a woman: organisation. 

The advice you would give to new and future mums ?

Listen to yourself and do not push yourself. And take photos while you are pregnant and when you do the baby shower with your friends !

Her beauty routine

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