Share the love & get a refund!

Every month, we happily refund one lucky customer’s last order.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Take a picture of your Daylily Paris must-haves and post it on Instagram
  • Tag us @daylily_paris
  • Don’t forget to add the hashtag #daylilyparis

(If your Instagram account is private, make sure to send us a DM @daylily_paris so that we can notice you and send you a request)

At the beginning of each month we pick our favourite post from the previous month and repost it on our Instagram account. If you happen to be the lucky winner (yay), message us your name and we’ll immediately refund your last order!

Just let your creativity flow!

Here’s a few of our previous winners’ lovely pictures:

satisfied and refunded

(Please note that your order should be placed on our website during the last 180 days and that the refunded items won’t necessarily match the ones shown in your post)