Holly, police officer in England

Holly, police officer in England

Who are you ?

My name is Holly and I am a Police Officer in Norfolk, England. I have been a Police Officer for 15 years, 9 of which were on The Mounted Department (with the police horses) in Thames Valley Police.

I met my fiancé when I joined the police, we didn't know each other before, but met on day one of our Police training. Matt and I dated about 3 years later, but it was very casual.

In 2007 Matt and I started our relationship, it's been a rocky ride, with many a tear shed but now, 2016, we live in a lovely cottage in Norfolk, 20 minutes from the beach with our beautiful and cheeky 3 month old baby boy, Benjamin, our 2 dogs Mr Pickles and Fergus and 2 cats, Bert and Ernie.

I found out that I was pregnant with Benjamin just before Christmas 2015, Matt and I had been trying for some time, so this was the perfect Christmas present. I had an amazing pregnancy, I was so lucky as I didn't suffer with any normal symptoms, like morning sickness or nausea. I loved every minute of being pregnant, it was a dream and I thoroughly enjoyed my growing bump !

Your best memory about your pregnancy ?

The first time that I felt Benjamin move and then a few weeks later when I was able to share that with Matt. Such a special, but really strange feeling of this little baby growing inside me.

You discovered Daylily Paris products during your pregnancy, why did you like them ?

I was lucky enough to be told about the Daylily Paris products by Matts cousin William, he told me about the website and suggested I should have a look, I'm so glad I did!

I used the duo products, the lotion during the day which was so lovely and light to apply and left my skin feeling moisturized and soft. At night I applied the oil, again it was lovely to apply, did not feel greasy and smelt divine! The smell of the oil reminded me of candy floss, so sweet and luxurious!

I used both products every day and I am so pleased that I did as have not had any stretch marks following the pregnancy.

The best advice someone gave you during your pregnancy or after ?

I considered myself very lucky in that my best friend is a midwife, she was my go to girl with all questions, queries, worries and stresses. She offered me so much advice and help throughout, during the early days she suggested using a cream every day on my tummy and boobs to try to keep it supple and prevent stretch marks, not long after this I had spoken to William and started using the Daylily Paris Lotion and Oil. I'm so pleased that I did as they were lovely and certainly prevented stretch marks! After Benjamin's arrival, Mandy has still been there for me throughout. She came and visited us with a hamper of essentials .... chocolate, dry shampoo, a rattle, baby books, olive oil to massage Benjamin (he loves it) and other lovely bits. One of the first things she said to me after Benjamin arrived was, 'one day you'll be able to get out of the house before midday, before that happens, don't worry and enjoy it!'

What has changed in your life since you are a mother ?

Time goes quickly! If I have a lazy morning with Benjamin, before I know it it's midday and we've only just got ourselves sorted. Getting out of the house takes so much more time, especially if we take the dogs too!!! I can also guarantee that just as everything is ready to go, Benjamin will then need changing or feeding!

I look at Benjamin and can't believe that I've made something so perfect, it amazes me that he's here and I can't wait to see him grow up and develop. He changes every day and I find it fascinating, he's a really lovely time waster!

Which moment with your baby would you never miss ?

His smiles! No matter how tired I am, Benjamin only needs to smile and it melts my heart. He is such a gorgeous boy, with a great big gummy smile that takes over his whole face, he makes me feel so happy and in love.

Her beauty routine

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