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Daylily, it is about…

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a love story with a male midwife
(yes, they exist!)

The idea was born on the other side of the planet. It all started in Polynesia, in 2009. Audrey met her future husband in Tahiti. He is a midwife and he loves his job. That is why he travelled the world to discover how women are accompanied during their pregnancy, through different cultures and countries. ok, that’s also a good way to surf the best spots of the world! )

Audrey has always been interested in the beauty world. Speaking both about their passion, Audrey noticed that cosmetics for pregnant women look more like “medications”… but pregnant women are not ill! (Although they do have many medical appointments…)
Do they not want to pamper themselves with efficient, feminine and sensorial cosmetic care?

…A friendship between 2 cosmetics addicts

Diane who shares the same passion for the beauty world started to support this project. It took several years to mature the concept. Throughout this time they both worked in the cosmetic industry.

Audrey dealt with the most well-known cosmetic brands. Determined, audacious and creative, she is a good communicator.

Diane, is organised, thoughtful and able to multi-task. She loves to travel. She was previously in charge of exporting French cosmetics. Then she decided to spend a year abroad in Australia and South-East Asia, to discover new cultures and new cosmetic products.

… A birth!

While still thinking of this project, something accelerated everything: Audrey got pregnant! (Diane took the 2nd flight to Paris… the 1st was fully booked...)

It was time to go for it! Time to offer pregnant women (and Audrey!) suitable cosmetics that combine efficiency and pleasure when use.

…Daylily Paris was born in March 2015!