Between Moms

What is the principle ?

Entre Mamans is a discussion circle dedicated to you, (future) mothers, to share your experiences, questions, doubts and pride, in all kindness and without taboos. We are committed to supporting you in your motherhood beyond our care and we believe that every experience deserves to be shared.

Why participate?

You've probably heard the expression, "It takes a village to raise a child."

However, in our Western society, we sometimes feel alone and isolated without knowing with whom to share the beautiful moments or the difficulties we may encounter. Your loved ones may not be going through the same stages of life as you, or you may not feel comfortable sharing some of your issues with those around you. By participating in the Entre Mamans sessions, you will be able to confide in and exchange kindness with other future and young mothers going through the same stages of life, in order to build your village together.

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How it works

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4 avis
11/10 | Le post-partum
Jeune maman d'un bébé de 3 mois

C'était génial, ça fait du bien de parler sans complexe en se faisant comprendre

11/10 | Le post-partum
Jeune maman d'un bébé de 3 mois

C’était vraiment rassurant et enrichissant

11/10 | Le post-partum
Jeune maman d'un bébé de 3 mois

J’ai trouvé cet échange très bienveillant, sans jugement, avec la possibilité de tout dire, évoquer tous les sujets qui nous tiennent à cœur. Une façon de se sentir moins seule et de voir que d’autres jeunes mamans ont les mêmes sensations ou émotions. C’est une période difficile pour une maman surtout pour un premier enfant et je trouve que ces groupes de parole sont essentiels pour mieux le vivre et y faire face.

11/10 | Le post-partum
Jeune maman d'un bébé de 3 mois

Un super moment d’échange sur les expériences et ressenti de chacune


What is the cost of a session?

The amount paid (€5) to reserve a session serves as a guarantee of investment between you and us. Following the honored session, you will receive a credit of the same amount, in the form of a promotional code valid on our site, accompanied by a little surprise!

How to book and access a session?

To book, nothing could be simpler! Find all the sessions offered above. Choose the session best suited to your needs and your profile by clicking on “Book”. Fill in your information and proceed to payment. After validation, you will receive an order confirmation email. You will receive an invitation via Google Calendar by email 24 to 48 hours later, with the date and time of the session. We will also send you a little reminder with the link the day before the session!

How do I choose the session that suits me?

We offer sessions with a specific theme (such as childbirth, breastfeeding or postpartum), or an open topic where you can talk about your experience and ask your questions. These free sessions will be recommended according to your stage of motherhood (according to your trimester of pregnancy or the age of your children) with the aim of forming homogeneous groups. The idea being that you can find yourself with people sharing the same stages of life, at the same time. Of course, if you feel the desire or the need to participate in a session recommended for a stage of motherhood other than yours, you will still be welcome <3

What should I do if the session is full or the motherhood theme/stage doesn't suit me?

Contact us at the Entre Mamans address:, so that we can contact you as a priority in the event of withdrawal or when we offer a session adapted to your expectations. You can also write to us to share your theme suggestions, we will do our best to respond!

Can I cancel my session?

The number of places is limited, so if you wish to cancel, please do so 48 hours before the session so that another person can benefit. The richness of our sessions comes from the exchanges that take place there. After this period, no refund will be possible (unless we find another participant or in the event of force majeure). To cancel the session, you can write to us at

How does a session take place?

The Entre Mamans speaking circle sessions are by videoconference (via Google Meet) and last on average one hour, with a maximum of 4 participants. To ensure that the session lasts the allotted time, please respect the time and log in 5 minutes before the start of the session. You can prepare your questions or the topics you want to discuss in advance, or you can let yourself be carried away by the conversation. Depending on the topics covered and the discussions, the session may last a little longer than the announced time.

Who runs the sessions?

The sessions will be led by Audrey, mother of 3 children, married to a midwife and founder of Daylily Paris.

What happens after the session ends?

You will receive an email within 24 hours with a €5 coupon (accompanied by a small gift) to be used on our website. You will also find a link to a satisfaction questionnaire, to submit your opinion in order to help us make these sessions even more relevant!

How to stay in touch with other participants?

After your session, a WhatsApp group will be created with each of the participants* in order to keep in touch and continue to share your experiences. Your circle of support and mutual assistance between mothers is now created. <3

*prior authorization will be requested during the satisfaction questionnaire