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“Prevention is better than cure”: Focus on effective care to fight against the appearance of stretch marks during and after your pregnancy!

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Prevention of stretch marks

Avoiding stretch marks is one of the concerns of pregnant women . Purplish streaks can appear on different areas of the body: the chest, stomach, buttocks, lower back or even the hips. Between weight gain, rounding bellies and hormonal changes, the skin of future mothers is put to the test! Stretch marks, which appear on the body when the skin has reached its limits in terms of stretching, are painless but you would like to do without them all the same. They are brightly colored at first, then take on a pearly white hue, like scars . Making them disappear at this stage is almost impossible without dermatological treatment. The good news is that it is possible to prevent their appearance by using anti-stretch mark treatments from the start of pregnancy.

The ideal anti-stretch mark beauty routine? Apply Le Lait Fondant in the morning: its fluid texture penetrates quickly to allow you to get dressed without delay. And in the evening, when you have a little more time, treat your skin to a massage with L'Huile Sensorielle , our dry oil with a delicately biscuity scent. These two body treatments contain a natural anti-stretch mark active ingredient , Dermochorella, which promotes the elasticity and suppleness of the skin, as well as a complex of five organic vegetable oils whose effectiveness is no longer in doubt. Sweet Almond Oil, Muscat Rose Oil, Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil and Avocado Oil, rich in essential fatty acids , nourish, soften and regenerate the fragile epidermis of pregnant women. Without health risk, our treatments are compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding and act both in prevention and correction of existing stretch marks.

To increase their effectiveness, you can also offer a moisturizing mask to your belly from time to time: La Pause Douceur is the first mask that soothes the tightness of the skin, common during pregnancy. A perfect treatment to provide your round belly with a good dose of hydration and prevent stretch marks in one step!

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