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Pregnancy is always a good opportunity to review your lifestyle and adopt new habits, whether we are talking about healthy eating, physical activity or cosmetics (creams, scrubs, makeup, etc.).

The health professionals who follow you have certainly given you several tips regarding the healthy lifestyle of pregnant women. Among them, stop all alcohol consumption and quit smoking of course, but also adopt a varied diet for your meals: eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water to limit weight gain, carefully avoid the consumption of foods prohibited during pregnancy (raw meats, raw milk cheeses, etc.) to avoid contracting certain diseases, such as listeriosis or salmonellosis, which present risks for the smooth progress of the pregnancy – and can, in the worst cases, trigger miscarriages.

The same precautions apply in the area of ​​personal hygiene: shower gel, shampoo, soap, deodorant... most of the so-called “conventional” products are not suitable for a pregnant woman. In question, ingredients proven to be harmful – or suspected of being harmful – to the development of the fetus. For example, essential oils, alcohol, endocrine disruptors, questionable or carcinogenic preservatives are likely to cross the placental barrier and can be harmful to the health of this little baby. These precautions also apply if you are breastfeeding, as they can pass into breast milk.

The solution ? From the start of your pregnancy, turn to treatments (face, body, hygiene, etc.) specially formulated for future mothers, like those from Daylily! We work with an expert toxicologist to guarantee the perfect safety of our products for a breastfeeding woman, a pregnant woman, and her baby. Our formulas, which favor a maximum of natural and/or organic ingredients, are therefore free of all controversial substances for a future mother or a young mother. You can use them with your eyes closed, and take care of yourself without taking any risks.

One of our flagship hygiene products, a must-have in your bathroom? The Déo Caresse, which will keep you dry all day! During pregnancy, sweating may increase due to the action of hormones. To stay fresh and avoid bad odors, Deo Caresse, based on triethyl citrate, polysaccharides, organic Arrow root, Mallow flower and organic vegetable oils, will take care of your armpits... and your health! It does not contain aluminum salts, no alum stone, no sulfates, no allergens to accompany you during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

To nourish your body's skin, soften it and prevent it from cracking, consider our anti-stretch mark treatments, Sensory Oil and Melting Milk. They prevent the appearance of red stretch marks from the first trimester and improve the appearance of existing streaks. If you also want to act on cellulite and skin firmness, consider Creamy Balm, a clever 3-in-1 treatment with a pleasant scent that acts on all levels! Finally, don't forget to protect your face with Crème Radieuse, both moisturizing cream and sunscreen which, with its SPF50+, prevents the appearance of pigmented spots from the pregnancy mask. Enough to preserve the beauty of your skin until childbirth, and even after :-)

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