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At Daylily Paris, we are committed to supporting you throughout your motherhood and every day that follows!

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Daylily 100% approuvé grossesse et allaitement
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Daylily developpé avec un expert sage-femme
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Stretch Mark Kit

I recommend !

Very nice duo. I was surprised by the result! I started using them when I was 2 months pregnant. Before and after giving birth, I didn't have any stretch marks. 10/10 I recommend.

Feda O.
Le Déo Caresse

Very good

I was skeptical at first, but this deodorant completely meets its criteria, super effective and sweet smell of baby talc, all pregnancy and breastfeeding compatible so perfect!

Alice P.
Mama Saver


After giving birth you will absolutely need the wash bulb and the cold/hotb and! The mama saver book is great, and the skin-to-skin wrap is super useful too! Really for me it is essential for motherhood! An extra box, thank you very much!

Nolwenn T.
Les Bulles Lavantes

New bubble of happiness

The texture is very pleasant, the scent is subtle and soft. I didn't use any cream after showering and I feel that my skin is soft several hours later. It's a little moment of happiness for yourself.

Sarah A.
La Pause Douceur

Magic !!

I was in the middle of an attack of eczema, itching due to pregnancy and I had tried to moisturize my belly with lots of other oils/creams. I put this mask on and it immediately soothed me. It calmed me down and I've been coming back to life ever since. Immediate effect. I am totally satisfied with it!!!

Raphaëlle L.
99% of you are satisfied
+ 50,000 (future) mothers supported

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Daylily Paris - Femme actuelle
Daylily Paris - Elle
Daylily Paris - Vogue
Daylily Paris - Magic maman
Daylily Paris - Biba
This Baume Onctueux is the secret to rejuvenation for all skin types
This treatment oil from Daylily Paris is the ally of mothers and mothers-to-be
An innovation that every future mother should benefit from, without a doubt
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Clean cosmetics to adopt when you are pregnant
Daylily Paris - Elle
Daylily Paris - Vogue
Daylily Paris - Magic maman
Daylily Paris - Biba
Daylily Paris - Femme actuelle

The brand

Founded in 2015 by Audrey with the help of her midwife husband, Daylily Paris is the promise of a natural beauty routine, 100% safe during pregnancy, postpartum and every day that follows. Discover our history, our values, our commitments and let’s build our future together 🧡

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