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If the skin on your face undergoes many changes during pregnancy, what about that on your body? Indeed, the skin on your body is subjected to brutal stretching when you are pregnant; since carrying a baby for 9 months is not always easy! As for hormones, they are turned upside down and cause you to experience many moments of distress. Among them, the appearance of stretch marks is undoubtedly one of the phenomena that we fear the most: these colored streaks, which can be purplish or white, ruin the lives of many future mothers, who are not used to seeing the skin on their body changes so suddenly.

However, pregnancy is also the ideal time to listen to your body, its needs and its desires. It is essential to take time for yourself when you are pregnant, in particular to forget the little worries of this unique moment of your life, but also because we know that a fully relaxed mother will have an equally zen baby. and happy.

At Daylily, we have chosen to develop “mum friendly” care, specially designed for pregnant women with a concern for maximum safety for her and her future baby, without putting aside the pleasure we experience in taking care of self. If all our body care products are hypoallergenic and do not contain controversial ingredients during pregnancy and breastfeeding, they also have ultra-sensory and creamy textures, to help you feel good about your skin and your new life as a mother.

The little extra of Daylily body care? Allow you to take care of yourself peacefully and gently, whether during or after childbirth.

In partnership with an expert midwife, we have developed 6 body treatments 100% made in France and certified vegan and cruelty-free, which address the most common problems among pregnant women. The Anti-Stretch Mark Melting Milk helps strengthen the elasticity of your skin and thus prevent the appearance of stretch marks, while the Sensory Oil reduces recent stretch marks and repairs your skin in depth. Their secret? A clean formulation rich in a powerful anti-stretch mark active ingredient extracted from a microalgae, Dermochlorella, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers.

As for those who need corrective action on stretch marks, whether during pregnancy or after childbirth, the creamy texture of Unctueux Balm will firm and smooth the skin that needs it most. Its main active ingredient, Body3Complex, stimulates the breakdown of lipids and effectively reduces the appearance of stretch marks. For a beauty boost, from the first months of pregnancy and even after the baby arrives!

And to complete your routine, we have developed La Pause Douceur - the first impregnated sheet mask for the stomach - which boosts skin hydration; Le Déo Caresse , a natural, clean and effective deodorant which is compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as L'Huile Mère-Veilleuse , a multi-function dry oil which is deliciously reminiscent of L'Huile Sensorielle after your pregnancy.

Our body treatments are also available in a box, along with our Crème Radieuse, the face cream that takes care of the specific skin of pregnant women, for a complete beauty routine!

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