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The pregnancy mask corresponds to the brown spots that can appear during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

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How to remove the pregnancy mask from the face?

The pregnancy mask is feared by pregnant women and rightly so: seeing your face covered in brown spots is never very pleasant... nor really aesthetic!

Expectant mothers are more likely to see these unwanted pigmented spots – also called melasma , chloasma, or wolf's mask. During pregnancy, the production of hormones (particularly estrogen) increases, the body produces more melanin, responsible for skin pigmentation. The facial skin therefore becomes particularly sensitive to solar radiation and UVA-UVB during these 9 months, and during the breastfeeding period.

The famous pregnancy mask appears without warning in pregnant women, generally from the 4th month (but it can be earlier), on the cheeks, forehead, neck, décolleté, whatever their skin type and his phototype. Once established, this hyperpigmentation is not easy to dislodge: you will have to wait until childbirth or the end of breastfeeding to see the brown spots fade little by little. And for some, patience will be required because the pregnancy mask can last for many months after the baby's arrival and never completely disappear. Its elimination will then require heavier treatment: specific creams based on acidic vitamin A or corticosteroids, laser sessions with the dermatologist or peeling, with varying results from one woman to another.

Good news, however: it is possible to avoid this phenomenon or limit its extent by protecting your skin as soon as you announce your pregnancy and by taking some preventive precautions. The key word is pro-tec-tion and care of the face and areas at risk! To prevent the appearance of the pregnancy mask, limit exposure to the sun and apply a sunscreen with an SPF50+ index to your pretty face in the morning, without forgetting the neck and décolleté, and reapply it as often as necessary. day classes.

Like you, we don't like sun creams that are difficult to spread, which dry out the skin, give a whitish complexion and whose composition is not ideal for a pregnant woman. This is why we created Crème Radieuse, the first 2-in-1 day cream that offers you both intense hydration and maximum sun protection to combat pregnancy mask and preserve the beauty of your skin. A treatment formulated, of course, with natural ingredients without health risks, selected for their protective properties, such as Anatto Oil, a vegetable oil which naturally and effectively protects against sun rays and melasma!

A simple, easy and pleasant gesture to nourish deeply, prevent the appearance of pregnancy mask and offer the skin maximum sun protection, anti-UVA and UVB.

Crème Radieuse has no white effect, penetrates quickly, and constitutes a perfect makeup base. It is available alone, or in our boxes alongside our anti-stretch mark body care products to place your pregnancy under the sign of cocooning and softness!

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