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Choose an herbal tea compatible with pregnancy and especially with anti-nausea properties if you suffer from it.

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Which herbal tea during pregnancy?

Consuming herbal teas during pregnancy is a very good way to maintain good hydration for the mother and to contribute to the good development of the baby - all while offering a relaxing break and flavors that are a little different from the usual water...

We have created the Nausea Saver organic infusion for all future and young mothers: a mixture of plants from Organic Farming, carefully selected by our partner The French Herborist for their soothing and anti-nausea properties.

This organic herbal tea contains a selection of natural ingredients: ginger , verbena , cardamom , cocoa and orange peels to prevent and calm the nausea that assail many expectant mothers in the first trimester or sometimes just before the 'childbirth. These organic plants are well known for their effect on stomach heaviness, bloating and minor digestive problems which are often present when we are expecting a happy event.

Our Nausea Saver herbal tea is sold in bulk, in a 60 g bag. To benefit from its benefits, consume 1 to 3 cups of herbal tea per day, adjusting the infusion time to your personal tastes (the longer it is, the more pronounced its spicy taste will be), and treat yourself to a moment of good relaxation. deserved in your daily life as a pregnant woman.

The little extra: This herbal tea can also be consumed cold: it will accompany you even in summer when a cold drink is all you dream of!

During pregnancy, certain drinks are banned (alcohol) or strongly discouraged (coffee, tea in large quantities). Certain plants should also be avoided for their abortifacient properties or their tendency to trigger contractions: herbal tea and pregnancy do not always go well together. Of course, like all Daylily products, Nausea Saver organic herbal tea, formulated and validated by a herbalist, is 100% compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding : no hesitation to have when buying your infusion! We bet that with its pleasant spicy taste , it will quickly become one of your favorite products during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, it is essential to take care of yourself: Nausea Saver will help relieve your nausea, but for your skin, choose creams for pregnant women that will moisturize and nourish your skin while preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

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