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Why exfoliate your body?

Exfoliation is a very interesting beauty procedure for several reasons, even more so if you are pregnant. By exfoliating your skin, you eliminate dead cells and promote cell renewal and oxygenation of the epidermis. Exfoliation also limits the appearance of ingrown hairs. The result is softer, more beautiful and brighter skin. Your skin becomes more receptive to the body care products that you apply afterwards, such as your anti-stretch mark creams or oils . A good exfoliant is therefore a complementary beauty product in the fight against stretch marks!

Have you noticed that when you are pregnant, you are more prone to feeling heavy legs? During pregnancy , blood circulation tends to slow down due to the action of hormones. Mechanical exfoliation is a good solution to restart circulation and feel lighter. It is also a very good way to promote the drainage of toxins and fatty deposits, which tend to accumulate and form more cellulite while waiting for baby .

How to exfoliate your body?

Various options exist: you can use an exfoliating treatment , with exfoliating grains or enzymes which will have a peeling effect on the skin, or an exfoliating glove for the body .

Choose your scrub carefully and make sure that it will not be too abrasive for your fragile pregnant skin. An exfoliating product that is too aggressive risks stripping your body and making your skin even drier, which is not really the desired effect. Also check that it does not contain ingredients not recommended during pregnancy: body scrubs often contain essential oils, alcohol, caffeine or endocrine disruptors, etc.

To be sure to use a gentle product, perfectly suited to your mother-to-be's skin and safe for baby, you can turn to our Enhancer Glove ! Two sides for two exfoliation intensities: one side in organic cotton, for sensitive areas such as the face and stomach , one side in burlap to more intensely exfoliate other areas of the body (arms, legs, etc.), and in particular those prone to stretch marks: buttocks, upper thighs, hips…

Our suggestion for enjoying all the benefits of the Enhancer Glove ? In the shower, lather up our Les Bulles Lavantes cleansing gel and make circular movements from bottom to top with the glove to remove dead skin and restore clean, soft skin . Rinse and apply your favorite Daylily anti-stretch mark treatment for a beauty routine focused on naturalness and well-being! All our face and body treatments are 100% pregnancy and breastfeeding compatible, and formulated to pamper all skin types with great softness. Young mothers can also benefit from it! Well-being moments are yours!

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