Anti-nausea: remedies to relieve pregnancy nausea

Very widespread, pregnancy nausea affects a lot of pregnant women! Relieve them and hydrate yourself with our anti-nausea herbal tea!

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Anti-nausea: remedies to relieve pregnancy nausea

All pregnant women will tell you: there is nothing worse than seeing your pregnancy ruined by nausea and vomiting! Nausea is common in the first trimester (the famous “morning sickness”), and can sometimes resurface at the end of pregnancy, when childbirth is looming. To calm the urge to vomit and digestive problems when you are expecting a baby, it is better to adopt good eating habits: split meals, favor low-fat and low-sugar foods to facilitate digestion , and do not lie down straight away. after eating are good anti-nausea reflexes. And to give your body a boost, there's nothing like using natural remedies for nausea, like fresh ginger or herbal teas.

Our Nausea Saver herbal tea prevents and relieves nausea thanks to its blend of plants and natural ingredients. They have been carefully selected by our partner The French Herborist, a plant specialist, for their anti-nausea effect and their perfect safety during pregnancy . When you are pregnant, you must be particularly vigilant about the products you consume: peppermint for example, which you perhaps usually use in the form of essential oil in the event of gastroenteritis, is not indicated for pregnant women. (1).

The Nausea Saver infusion contains organic ginger, organic verbena, organic cocoa and orange peels and cardamom, also organic, to take care of mom and baby! One to three times a day, place two grams (the equivalent of a small teaspoon) in a tea ball or filter, add boiling water, let it infuse (between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the intensity desired), and enjoy this slightly spicy taste! A well-being and relaxation habit that you will be able to keep once the nausea has subsided, and even after the baby is born.

In the event of persistent nausea, consult your midwife or gynecologist who may prescribe other medications or food supplements, such as vitamin B6 , to calm pregnancy nausea.

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