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While it is important to take a wellness break and continue to take care of yourself and your skin during pregnancy, it is also important to pay attention to the composition of the products used. For risk-free use, rely on products specially formulated for pregnant women and young mothers. Good news: care for pregnant women or mothers is suitable for all women, if they are safe for some, they are also safe for others !

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Stretch marks, prevention of the appearance of pregnancy mask on the face, loss of firmness, dry skin... there are many beauty issues that affect future mothers and young mothers . Fortunately, treatments adapted to the beauty concerns of pregnant women and young mothers exist, and respond favorably to their needs.

Daylily offers a selection of the most effective and sensory products to fight against stretch marks and keep skin supple, nourished and hydrated throughout pregnancy and after. To take care of your skin, use an anti-stretch mark oil formulated without endocrine disruptors, mineral oils, alcohol, essential oils or other toxic, controversial or not recommended substances during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Anti-stretch mark Sensory Oil is a natural, hypoallergenic and completely safe oil for pregnant women and the health of their babies from the first month of pregnancy. After leaving the maternity ward, this beauty treatment for pregnant women also helps reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks. Also discover the silky texture and iconic fragrance of our multi-function Mother Nightlight Oil, ideal for mothers who want to continue to take care of their body and skin after pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

To take care of yourself every day, rely on beauty products from Clean Beauty . Massage balm, facial cream, deodorant, sunscreen, anti-stretch mark belly mask, hair oil, melting milk to soften the skin... find our wide range of cosmetic products dedicated to the beauty of pregnant women and babies. moms. Take care of your skin gently and fight against stretch marks with natural and sensory cosmetic products during and after your pregnancy .

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