Day cream for pregnant women: a necessity

Start each of your days with a day cream compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding with strong sun protection!

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Which day cream for pregnant women to choose?

You are currently expecting a baby, and you may have noticed that the skin on your face is experiencing some changes. Acne may appear, or on the contrary your epidermis is tight, has some small streaks of dehydration, your skin is more sensitive, more reactive. This is completely normal for a pregnant woman: hormones are racing and disrupting your skin type, which can go from combination or oily to dry and dehydrated in a few weeks!

To find beautiful, supple and hydrated skin as well as a radiant complexion, leave aside your usual face creams and adopt moisturizing care products specially developed to pamper the skin of pregnant women. As your epidermis tends to lose more water than usual, it is advisable to restore its hydrolipidic barrier with targeted cosmetic treatments, which focus entirely on rehydration, and which will give you soft skin while you wait for your baby!

We have developed Crème Radieuse for you, a moisturizing cream and facial treatment designed for pregnant women, keeping in mind the specific problems that may be encountered during pregnancy. The strong point of this product? This is a 2 in 1 face cream, which will provide you with both intense hydration and sun protection factor 50+, to protect your epidermis from the appearance of pregnancy mask and maintain all its beauty. And this, very gently, and while respecting your skin: we have banned from our cosmetic charter all risky or controversial ingredients for future and young mothers, such as essential oils, nanoparticles and sun filters deemed dangerous.

We rely on natural active ingredients, which are particularly effective in taking care of your skin and fighting against dehydration. You will find in our Radiant Cream vegetable glycerin, with moisturizing and softening properties, and two particularly interesting active ingredients: Fucocert, which provides comfort and hydration to sensitive skin, as well as Oceadefense, an ingredient from a micro- algae: it promotes cell renewal and protects the skin from external aggressions.

To protect your future mother's skin from the sun and UVA-UVB rays, we have added sun filters and Annatto oil to this product: an essential vegetable oil that effectively and naturally protects the skin from the sun's rays. Your Radiant Cream thus contains an SPF50+ sun filter and offers you maximum protection against the pregnancy mask in order to avoid the appearance of these unsightly brown spots, before and after the arrival of the baby.

Our face cream is an excellent makeup base, pleasant to use with its delicious fragrance. Our advices ? Apply it every morning without moderation from the start of your pregnancy and during breastfeeding, and reapply it regularly during the day!

To also take care of your body during pregnancy, consider our sets: the Radiant Face Cream is available alongside our anti-stretch mark body products (the Melting Milk and the Sensory Oil) in our Belle Enceinte set , with our Creamy firming, anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark Balm, or with other care products in the Complete Set, for a complete beauty routine for a mother-to-be!

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