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Discover Le Baume Onctueux for firm and smooth skin, as well as Le Gant Sublimateur for more effectiveness thanks to exfoliation. 100% compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding!

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Bye bye cellulite, find firm skin during your pregnancy!

Did you know that pregnant women are more prone to cellulite? Indeed, orange peel skin is directly linked to hormonal fluctuations – future mothers are therefore a prime target for cellulite which can appear on the stomach, thighs, hips and buttocks! The cause is the increase in estrogen levels, which aims to increase the body's energy reserves to carry out this pregnancy, and therefore the storage of fat in adipose tissues. Adipocytes, these fatty deposits which give the “orange peel” appearance on the body, increase significantly in number and size.

Prolactin, the hormone responsible for breastfeeding, also encourages the body to store more fat to better meet the baby's needs.

As a result, cellulite appears - or becomes more visible, more marked - and dimples appear in pregnant women!

Drinking plenty of water, playing sports (or at least having regular physical activity) and eating correctly are key factors in limiting the appearance of cellulite (you have certainly already heard the proverb: "you should not not eat for two but twice as much). But it is also possible to limit the damage by performing a deep massage to dislodge the dimples and activate your blood circulation. This can be a little sluggish during your pregnancy, but good blood circulation helps drain fat – and therefore reduce orange peel skin!

Morning and evening, take a few minutes to massage the affected areas, which will at the same time allow you to hydrate your skin and fight against stretch marks if you use targeted products like Melting Milk and Sensory Oil.

After childbirth (or during pregnancy if you wish), you can also switch to specific anti-cellulite creams to increase drainage and remove orange peel skin, and our Creamy Balm is perfect for this! Let the balm penetrate by carrying out long massages on the affected areas, and by practicing the famous “palpate-roll” which dislodges the dimples. Our Creamy Balm treatment contains a powerful active ingredient, Body3Complex (based on shea butter, bentonite and avocado pit extract) which promotes the breakdown of lipids to reduce the number of dimples, and help you regain smooth skin and close! The Creamy Body Balm is also very nourishing thanks to its complex of five vegetable oils (olive oil, macadamia oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil), and reduces the number and size of stretch marks. In short, a shock treatment to improve the appearance of your epidermis!

Formulated without controversial ingredients (such as essential oils, caffeine, etc.), it is without risk for the health of mother and child. This body care cream with a floral and feminine scent can be used with confidence during breastfeeding.

A clever 3-in-1 product that will be your ally to pamper your skin and firm it after the baby arrives!

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