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Every day, from the first month of pregnancy and up to 3 months after giving birth, protect your skin from the appearance of stretch marks!

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When to start anti-stretch mark creams?

One reason your body changes significantly during pregnancy is because of your hormones. These are turned upside down and cause your body to undergo many moments of distress. Among them, stretch marks are undoubtedly one of the best known and most feared phenomena!

These colored streaks which ruin the lives of many women can also appear before or even after pregnancy, and occur when the skin is subjected to brutal stretching... This is why we find them in particular on your stomach! But they can also be lodged in other well-targeted places such as the breasts, hips or even thighs.

There are two types of stretch marks: those of purplish color, which are new and which have just appeared, and those of white color which are mature and which are older. But no matter the color of your stretch marks, it is possible to prevent and reduce them with specific body care .

100% made in France in partnership with maternity and skin experts, Daylily offers you Anti-Stretch Mark Melting Milk. Enriched with Dermochlorella, an active ingredient that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers, the Anti-Stretch Mark Melting Milk helps strengthen the elasticity of your skin and thus prevent the appearance of stretch marks. As always with Daylily, it is possible to apply this treatment from the start of pregnancy but also during the weeks following your delivery.

And for those looking for corrective action on stretch marks, as well as firm and smooth skin after childbirth (or during pregnancy if your skin needs it), let yourself be tempted by the creamy texture and the delicate scent of our Creamy Firming Balm! Thanks to its magical active ingredient called Body3Complex, it stimulates the breakdown of lipids and effectively reduces the appearance of stretch marks to restore all its firmness and beauty to your skin.

These “ mum friendly ” treatments have been developed especially for pregnant women in the interest of maximum safety for her and the unborn baby.

Hypoallergenic like all Daylily treatments, they do not contain ingredients not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Formulated without allergens and without any essential oils. Adopt them urgently!

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