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Mama Saver Book

The book that will save your postpartum

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The perfect book to inform you, reassure you and organize you

Paiement 3x sans frais à partir de 50€
💡 Des informations éclairées
😍 Memory journal of the first 3 months
🤰🏻 Testimonials from moms
👝 Disponible dans le kit Mama Saver
🧑🏻‍⚕️ Expert Interviews
📕 Éditions Marie Claire
Mama Saver Book
Mama Saver Book
Mama Saver Book


Rituel d'application


Who is this book addressed to ?

To all future mothers who are preparing to give birth! Whether it's the 1st, 2nd, 3rd time or more, it has been designed and developed to accompany you peacefully in your postpartum.

What is he talking about ?

In collaboration with Éditions Marie Claire, this book was specially written to provide you with all the answers to your questions about postpartum, and to allay your doubts or concerns. You will find expert answers and testimonials from mothers on these pages. Valuable tips are also shared to support you during this period.

But that's not all ! You will also find a logbook & gratitude journal. Practical for recording all of baby's information (diaper changes, feeding, sleep, etc.) and for motivating you to see the positive in each day (even when you lack sleep).

The Mama Saver book is here to support you in your postpartum period by answering all your questions about this period of change.

Grab a hot drink, make yourself comfortable and discover this guide to the postpartum period!

🎯 Understanding postpartum

✨ What is happening in my body

🫶🏻 What's going on in my head

🧡 What happens with others

All these subjects will be covered through informed information, expert interviews and testimonials from mothers.

📝 You will also be able to fill in all of baby's information daily in the logbook section, and detect the positive in each log using your gratitude journal.

Summary: An essential guide that informs you, accompanies you and supports you in the very special postpartum period. The few weeks or months following childbirth are a real upheaval during which we can sometimes feel helpless. Physical health, mental health, daily organization, relationships with others... all themes are addressed in a clear and uninhibited manner, through interviews with experts and testimonies from young mothers. A logbook section, mixed with a gratitude journal, will leave you with a precious memory of the small events or major stages of this unique period!

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frequently asked Questions

Quels sujets principaux sont abordés dans ce livre sur le post-partum ?

Le livre se découpe en plusieurs parties abordant :

- Les généralités autour du post-partum

- Ce qui va se passer dans votre corps

- Ce qui va se passer dans votre tête

- Ce qui va se passer dans votre environnement social

- Une liste de comptes Instagram, de podcasts, de livres ou encore de films pour aller encore plus loin sur ces sujets

Ce livre contient également un journal de bord et de gratitude !