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Mama Cool

Postpartum hot/cold band

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Soothes postpartum pain

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✨ Instant relief
🔎 Easy to use
🌸 Ideal for postpartum
👝 Disponible dans le kit Mama Saver
🎯 Effective on several areas of the body
Mama Cool
Mama Cool
Mama Cool

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Rituel d'application


Who is this accessory for?

Our hot/cold gel strip has been designed for all young mothers who have just given birth, with the aim of helping YOU experience your postpartum peacefully. Mama Cool is an easy-to-use solution adapted to your needs to relieve your postpartum pain, and much more: you can use it for all types of pain (headaches, back pain, muscle pain, cramps menstrual, ...)

What is this accessory for?

Mama Cool is a gel strip specially designed to relieve pain before, during and after childbirth. The beads contained in the bag can be cooled or reheated. Simple, effective and practical, your body says THANK YOU!

His actions?

Cold therapy: Cold relieves pain in the perineum, a muscle sensitized by childbirth. It also soothes pain caused by cesarean section or episiotomy, and promotes the deflation of hemorrhoids. For breastfeeding mothers, it is an excellent way to soothe breast pain such as cracks and engorgement, while stimulating the flow of milk.

Hot therapy: In a hot version, the postpartum band soothes pain such as uterine cramps and trenches. It also relieves pain linked to milk surges. During labor, the band helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of perineal pain that could occur during childbirth.

Little extra: its versatile format allows it to adapt to all areas of the body.

Hot or cold, place it in its cotton envelope before putting it directly in contact with the skin. Apply the strip to the desired area for approximately 15 minutes or as recommended by your doctor. External use only.

COLD: put in the freezer for about 2 hours before use.

HOT: immerse it in hot, non-boiling water or place it in the microwave for the indicated time in 5-second intervals. Recommended heating time in the microwave: 20 seconds. at 700W, 15s at 1000W, 10s at 1200W.

This soft hot/cold gel strip measures 24cm x 7.5cm. Foldable and easily transportable, it is composed of:

🟠 gel beads (water and glycerin)

🔎 Soft PVC

👝 Cotton pouches

Maintenance of the lime/cold strip:After each use, the gel strip should be cleaned with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly until the soap and all residue is removed, then dry it with a clean cloth.

The covers can be used repeatedly. Clean them with hot soapy water, or in the machine at 60°C. Let it air dry.

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frequently asked Questions

Combien de temps la bande de gel reste-t-elle chaude ou froide ?

Elle reste froide environ 50 minutes, et elle reste chaude 20 minutes.

Quels sont les principaux bénéfices de l'utilisation de cette bande de gel ?

Premièrement, elle permet de réduire toutes les douleurs post-accouchement (douleurs périnéales, douleurs liées à la césarienne et les épisiotomies, à l'inflammation des hémorroïdes, etc...). La bande de gel soulage les douleurs mammaires, les douleurs menstruelles, les maux de dos ou même les maux de tête.

Sa polyvalence d'utilisation est un atout majeur car elle peut être utilisée sur plusieurs zones du corps.

Elle est également facile à utiliser : il suffit de la congeler ou de la chauffer pour soulager la douleur.

Sa réutilisabilité la rend économique et pratique pour une utilisation régulière.

Quelle est la taille de cette bande de gel ?

Elle mesure 24 cm x 7,5 cm. Elle est facilement transportable car elle est souple et pliable.