Pregnancy Must-Have

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Keep a skin beautiful, smooth and gentle throughout your pregnancy with these 7 care. Your skin will thank you!

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🤰100% pregnancy compatible
🥕Rated “Excellent” on Yuka
🇫🇷 Made in France with Love
🧑‍⚕️Developed with an expert midwife
🌸Perfumes suitable for sensitive senses of smell
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Pregnancy Must-Have
Pregnancy Must-Have


Rituel d'application


What care?

Our 7 care and our new accessory meet the major needs of the future and young mother :

- Le Lait Fondant Morning Stretch Mark Ritual (6.7 fl. oz.) hydrates the skin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks and reduces recent stretch marks. The combination of 5 natural organic oils with dermochlorella gives this care effectiveness and sensoriality. The texture does not leave a greasy film, allowing immediate dressing in the morning.

- L'Huile Sensorielle Evening Stretch Mark Ritual (3.3 fl. oz.) intensely nourishes the skin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks and reduces recent stretch marks. Composed of the same 5 natural organic oils and dermochlorella, it wonderfully complements the action of Lait Fondant. Its dry texture and delicious fragrance allow you to enjoy a real moment of well-being.

- La Crème Radieuse Day Cream SPF 50+ Very High Protection Sun (1.6 fl. oz.) effectively protects you from the pregnancy mask. Formulated without nanoparticles, it does not leave a white film after application. It is also hydrating, anti-aging and anti-pollution. Without a greasy or sticky finish, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. Maintain a nice even complexion in all seasons.

- La Pause Douceur (sheet mask, 1.6 fl. oz. of serum) gives a boost of hydration that your skin badly needs, especially when baby starts to grow well. This mask instantly soothes feelings of tightness and itching to help you regain soft and comfortable skin. Take the opportunity to take some time just for yourself while the mask is applied.

- Le Déo Caresse – Natural deodorant (1.6 fl. oz.) protects the skin from bad smells while regulating perspiration and soothes the fragile skin of the armpits. This natural deodorant is composed of arrowroot powder, triethyl citrate and mallow flower, absorbent, deodorant and moisturizing agents to stay fresh and serene all day long, without leaving marks on clothes.

- Les Bulles Lavantes – Shower Jelly (16.9 fl. oz.) protects the skin from tightness and dryness. It respects the hydrolipid barrier and the physiological pH of the skin thanks to its natural formula enriched with soothing organic Mallow Flower extract and moisturizing organic vegetable glycerin. Its soft texture quickly gives way to a fine and silky foam tenderly enveloping your skin and that of the whole family. Compatible from the 1st month of pregnancy, during breastfeeding and from birth.

- Le Gant Sublimateur, the new accessory for your pregnancy care routine. It has two exfoliation intensities: gentle and intense. Its natural jute canvas side intensely cleanses the body and gets rid of dead cells. For sensitive skin and areas, the organic cotton side will be ideal for a more delicate scrub, especially on the stomach. It is the perfect accessory to prepare your skin before applying your anti-stretch mark or anti-cellulite treatments in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Who is this care for?

This set is ideal for daily use from the 1st month of pregnancy. We advise you to use this routine from the start and throughout your pregnancy, as well as after childbirth to ensure smooth and soft skin throughout your motherhood.

Our care combined in boxes are offered at an advantageous price. In an ecological approach we have chosen not to overpack them.

From the start of pregnancy, you can use our 7 care according to your needs:

The morning:

- Apply Le Lait Fondant all over the body using circular movements from bottom to top, focusing on areas where stretch marks are more common (such as the belly, chest, thighs, hips, buttocks or lower back).

- Also apply La Crème Radieuse on the face and neck. On clean skin and before any makeup, spread the cream like a day cream, from bottom to top and from the inside to the outside. If you use another day cream, apply Crème Radieuse after it. If exposed to the sun, reapply every 2 hours.

- Le Déo Caresse also apply in the morning to clean, dry skin. You can repeat its use as soon as the need arises. Its non-sticky texture allows you to dress straight away. It is suitable for sensitive, shaved or depilated skin.

The evening:

- Apply L'Huile Sensorielle, in a circular massage from bottom to top on areas often prone to stretch marks (such as the belly, chest, thighs, hips, buttocks or lower back)

At shower time:

- Apply 1 to 2 hazelnuts of Les Bulles Lavantes on wet skin. Massage lightly and rinse with clean water. Dry gently by patting a towel against your skin.

- 1 to 2 times a week, use Le Gant Sublimateur to exfoliate your skin in the shower with our Les Bulles Lavantes shower jelly using circular movements from bottom to top. The gentle exfoliating side is ideal for the belly area, which we recommend not rubbing your belly too hard to avoid irritation. As for the intense exfoliating side, it is suitable for the thighs, hips, buttocks and lower back.

A times per week, or when your skin feels uncomfortable:

- Use La Pause Douceur, at a time of day conducive to relaxation. Place the mask on your belly for approximately 15 minutes. You can then massage your belly gently to penetrate the rest of the serum. Our mask has a naturally fresh effect. If you wish, you can reheat it by placing the closed sachet under hot water for a few seconds.

🤰Specially developed for pregnant women

👌0% ingredients not recommended for pregnancy: endocrine disruptors, essential oils, mineral oils, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, allergens, etc. To learn more about ingredients not recommended, see our topic on ingredients not recommended during pregnancy.

📡Clinically tested under dermatological control


🍃Clean formulas

🐰Vegan and cruelty-free formulas

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Lait Fondant.

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Huile Sensorielle.

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Crème Radieuse.

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet La Pause Douceur.

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Déo Caresse.

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Les Bulles Lavantes.

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Gant Sublimateur.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Anne D.s.
Maternité: Enceinte (2ème trimestre)
Carnation de peau: Medium
Type de peau: Normale
Assez surprise!

J'aime beaucoup l'odeur des produits!
Le gel douche est agreable dans sa texture, il laisse une legere odeur sur la peau!
Le deo est delicat et tres doux niveau efficacité ca me convient. (Depend de chacune et de son activité!)
Le baume est bien cremeux, il fond facilement sur la peau laisse une peau douce.
Le lait: mon preferez! 100/100 excellent a tt niveau.
L'huile je l'adore egalement mais l'odeur est parfois un peau trop forte alors je coupe avec de l'huile de jojoba mais bon cest mon odorat un peu sensible pour le moment!
Au niveau de ma peau, je la sens plus souple et hydrater sans abuser sur la dose!
Petit bémol pour moi,la crème de jour 50. Je la frotte legerement dans les mains avant application parce que sinon elle est sableuse en application directe sur le visage.
Sinon bonne base avant maquillage, hydratation ok pour l'ete. Ne laisse pas de film blanc.

Merci beaucoup pour votre message Anne ! Nous sommes ravies que la sensorialité et l'efficacité de nos produits vous plaisent ! Néanmoins, nous sommes navrées que la Crème Radieuse ne vous ait pas totalement conquise. Nous prenons en compte votre retour afin de nous améliorer. La formulation de la Crème Radieuse est en train d'être retravaillée, nous espérons que la prochaine version vous plaira davantage.

Ludivine P.
Maternité: Enceinte (3ème trimestre)
Carnation de peau: Claire
Type de peau: Sensible
Huile coup de coeur

j'ai commandé ce coffret et l'ai reçu tres rapidement. J'ai utilisé pour le moment tous les produits a l'exception du baume que je garde pour le post partum.
Tous sont tres agréables à l'utilisation, ce qui transforme la routine de soins en un moment de plaisir pour soi et pas en corvée anti vergetures. Coup de coeur sur l'huile a appliquer le soir, odeur terriblement gourmande, texture agréable a masser sans etre collante u trop grasse, et oduer qui n'est pas ecoeurante du tout.J'apprécie également la creme visage SPF50 bien utile en cette saison estivale pour un deux en un soin/protection solaire.

Merci beaucoup pour votre avis Ludivine ! Nous sommes ravies que nos soins et leur sensorialité vous plaisent. Bon chouchoutage à vous :)

Hacer U.
Maternité: Enceinte (3ème trimestre)
Carnation de peau: Medium
Type de peau: Sèche à très sèche
Moment de connexion à bébé

J’adore cette box maternité elle comprends tout le nécessaire! Seul regret est de l’avoir découverte que maintenant :)
L’odeur des produits est envoûtante, la qualité des ingrédients très interessante. Je remarque moins de tiraillement sur ma peau, elle est douce et bien parfumée.
Rituel matin et soir qui n’est plus une corvé mais un moment agréable de partage avec bébé
Très beau cadeau pour la fin de la grossesse… :)

Merci pour votre avis ! Nous sommes sincèrement ravies que nos soins vous plaisent. Bon chouchoutage à vous :)

frequently asked Questions

Can I use this set from the start of my pregnancy?

Yes quite. This box was developed specifically for pregnant women, so we have selected ingredients that are not controversial or harmful to the baby or mother. There is no risk in using this routine from the 1st trimester.