First Trimester Set

Stop Nausea & Stretch Marks

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The set which brings together three indispensable for your first months as a mother-to-be! Also discover our anti-nausea solution, Nausea Saver!

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🤰100% pregnancy compatible
🥕Clean Formulas 100/100 Yuka
🇫🇷 Made in France with Love
🧑‍⚕️Developed with an expert midwife
🌸Perfume suitable for sensitive senses of smell
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First Trimester Set
First Trimester Set


Rituel d'application


What care?

Discover our 3 perfect care that will accompany and relieve your new daily life as a mother-to-be!

- Le Lait Fondant Morning Stretch Mark Ritual (6.7 fl. oz.) hydrates the skin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks and reduces recent stretch marks. The combination of 5 natural organic oils with our flagship active ingredient, dermochlorella – a marine algae – gives this care effectiveness and sensoriality. The texture does not leave a greasy film, allowing immediate dressing in the morning.

- L'Huile Sensorielle Evening Stretch Mark Ritual (3.3 fl. oz.) intensely nourishes the skin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks and reduces recent stretch marks. Composed of the same 5 natural organic oils and dermochlorella, it wonderfully complements the action of Melting Milk. Its dry texture and delicious fragrance allow you to enjoy a real moment of well-being.

- Nausea Saver anti-nausea infusion (60g) instantly relieves one of the ailments most feared by future mothers. Thanks to its unique blend rich in organic ginger, organic verbena, whole organic cardamom and organic cocoa and orange peels, nausea will be relieved from the first weeks of pregnancy !

Who is this care for?

From the 1st month of pregnancy , we advise you to use this set every day. It was specially developed for early pregnancy !

Our care combined in boxes are offered at an advantageous price. In an ecological approach we have chosen not to overpack them.

From the first month of pregnancy, we advise you to use every day:

The morning :

- Apply Le Lait Fondant all over the body, massaging in a circular manner from bottom to top. Focus on areas prone to stretch marks such as the belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, chest and lower back. The milk does not leave the skin sticky and penetrates instantly, no need to wait long before getting dressed...

The evening :

- Apply L'Huile Sensorielle in these same areas. Perform long massages from bottom to top. Do not hesitate to spend time on the massage since it reinforces the effectiveness of the treatment. You can even invite your other half to a massage for a moment of connection for 3.

All day long :

- Nausea Saver: 1 to 3 cups per day are recommended depending on the frequency of occurrence of nausea. It can be taken as soon as nausea is felt or to prevent it. For each infusion, 2g of mixture should be infused in boiling water (90-100°C) for 5 to 10 minutes. The infusion time influences the intensity of the taste (the longer the mixture infuses, the more pronounced the taste).

🤰Specially developed for pregnant women

👌0% ingredients not recommended for pregnancy: endocrine disruptors, essential oils, mineral oils, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, allergens, etc. To learn more about ingredients not recommended, see our topic on ingredients not recommended during pregnancy.

📡Clinically tested under dermatological control


🍃 Clean formulas

🐰Vegan and cruelty-free formula

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Nausea Saver.

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Huile Sensorielle.

See the full list of ingredients on the product sheet Lait Fondant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mathilde M.
Maternity: Pregnant (1st trimester)
Skin tone: Light
Skin type: Normal
1st trimester box

Great box, the infusion had a real effect on me.
As for the sensory oil, I loved it during my previous pregnancy. And I'm starting to test milk and I love the texture.

Thank you for your feedback Mathilde! We are delighted to know that the products are effective for you, enjoy your pampering

Valentine P.
Maternity: Pregnant (1st trimester)
Skin tone: Light
Skin type: Dry to very dry
Top creams

Good morning,
The creams are perfect even if for the moment I haven't gained much curves at the start of my pregnancy. The textures are very pleasant, and the smells too. I had already ordered the sensory oil for my first pregnancy and I was delighted with it, no stretch marks and a pleasure to apply.

When an anti-nausea infusion box, very good but was not enough to completely avoid my nausea and vomiting..

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion. We are delighted that you like our treatments! :) We take your comment regarding Nausea Saver into account, your positive and negative feedback is always very useful to us!

frequently asked Questions

How many times a day can I drink a cup of Nausea Saver herbal tea?

You can drink 1 to 3 cups per day, throughout the day. When nausea is felt or for prevention.

Can I reverse the order of applying the Sensory Oil and Melting Milk?

Of course, you can absolutely swap the time of application of these two care. The recommended routine takes into account the practicality and comfort of the products on the skin at these times of the day, but the treatments will be just as effective. However, the anti-stretch mark active ingredient present in these care must be applied twice a day to be effective.