Nausea Saver

Anti-nausea herbal tea | 60g

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It's the remedy what you need if you are one of the 75% of women to suffer from nausea during your pregnancy.

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🤰100% pregnancy compatible
🥕Clean 100/100 Yuka Formula
🇫🇷 Made in France with Love
🪴In collaboration with The French Herbalist
🌱100% organic certified ECOCERT
💡Safe and effective solution against nausea
Nausea Saver
Nausea Saver
Nausea Saver

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Rituel d'application


What is this herbal tea used for?

Designed in collaboration with The French Herborist, the plant expert, Nausea Saver effectively relieves nausea from the first month of pregnancy!

They tested it for you:

91% found that the infusion relieved their nausea and improved their comfort of life*
91% are satisfied with the smell and intensity of taste*
91% would recommend this product to a pregnant friend*

*Usage test carried out on 11 pregnant women presenting with nausea for 7 days

Who is this herbal tea for?

Nausea Saver has been specially designed and developed to relieve and reduce nausea, particularly during early pregnancy.

It is just as effective for occasional nausea that each person may experience in their daily life and can also be drunk as a pleasure herbal tea !

What makes it so effective?

Its unique blend rich in ginger, verbena, whole cardamom and cocoa and orange peels, coming exclusively from organic farming.

What makes it so enjoyable?

Its blend is delicately spicy with subtle notes of verbena. It is drunk hot, for a comforting and soothing moment. Cold, for an invigorating and thirst-quenching moment.

For immediate relief, we recommend drinking 1 to 3 cups per day. The infusion can be consumed whenever nausea appears, but we recommend it instead to prevent it.

Manual :

1. Take approximately 2g in a tea ball or infusette bag

2. Pour very hot water over it (90-100°C)

3. Leave the mixture to infuse for between 5 and 10 minutes (the longer the infusion, the more intense its taste will be)

4. Your infusion is ready to be consumed

Tip: depending on your desires and the seasons, Nausea Saver can also be consumed cold. Remember to infuse the mixture beforehand in larger volumes of water (for 1L, infuse the equivalent of 8g).

🤰 Developed with the help of a herbalist specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding women while respecting a clean charter.

👌 0% ingredients not recommended for pregnancy: endocrine disruptors, essential oils, mineral oils, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, allergens, etc. To learn more about ingredients not recommended, see our topic on ingredients not recommended during pregnancy.

🍃 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin

🌱 100% organic, ECOCERT certified

🐰 Vegan and cruelty-free formula

INGREDIENTS : 40% Organic ginger*, Organic verbena*, Organic cocoa peels*, Organic orange peels*, Organic cardamom*

*Ingredients from organic farming

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Maternité: Enceinte (1er trimestre)
Carnation de peau: Très foncée
Type de peau: Normale
Un truc qui marche

Ca marche vraiment bien. A prendre a minima tous les matins ou des que les nausées pointent leur nez.

Merci beaucoup pour votre message Nerimen ! Nous sommes ravies que l'efficacité de notre tisane vous ait convaincue :)

Laura C.
Maternité: Enceinte (1er trimestre)
Carnation de peau: Très claire
Type de peau: Normale
Goût prononcé

Le petite soucis je dirais concerne le goût prononcé, étant nauséeuse justement j’ai beaucoup de mal avec les odeurs fortes ou goûts alimentaires forts. Donc je n’ai pas su prendre cette tisane. Je ne peux pas juger l’efficacité uniquement le goût.

Merci pour votre retour Laura ! Nous sommes navrées que le goût de notre Nausea Saver ne vous ait pas conquise. Nous espérons que nos autres soins vous plairont :)

Céline R.
Maternité: Enceinte (1er trimestre)
Carnation de peau: Très claire
Type de peau: Sèche à très sèche

J'ai essayé l'infusion mais malheureusement sur moi ça ne fonctionne pas, j'ai des nausées toute la journée et rien ne fonctionne...

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de laisser votre avis Céline ! Nous sommes sincèrement navrées de lire votre retour. Laissez-vous Nausea Saver infuser assez longtemps. Vous pouvez la laisser 10 minutes. Vous pouvez également la consommer plus régulièrement, à raison de 3 tasses par jour, si vos nausées sont fréquentes. N'hésitez pas à revenir vers nous à

frequently asked Questions

How many cups is this 60g package equivalent to?

With this 60g package you can drink approximately 30 cups. The duration of the pack will depend on your consumption, approximately 1 month if you drink 1 cup per day and less if you consume more.

Can I drink this herbal tea even if I am not pregnant?

Yes, of course, everyone can benefit from this herbal tea. It allows you to have a good time while relieving potential nausea or bloating that you may have, regardless of the situation.

Can I drink Nausea Saver cold?

Yes, it is completely possible. You will need to remember to infuse the mixture beforehand to allow time for it to cool before placing it in the refrigerator. In any case, the infusion must be made in hot water at 90-100°C to maximize its benefits.