Mathilde, saleswoman in the fashion industry

Mathilde, saleswoman in the fashion industry

Who are you ?

Hello my name is Mathilde, Naïla’s mum, 3 years old, and Nino’s mum, nearly 2 months old. I am a saleswoman in the fashion industry. I love my job! I have an Instagram account " mathilde_naila_nino " where I share my life as a mum and my fashion and decoration crushes…

3 words to sum up your pregnancy ?

Happiness, share and fatigue !

Your best pregnancy memory ?

I have several “best memories” but I think my favourite is when my daughter talked to her brother who was inside my belly. 

During your pregnancy, you discovered Daylily Paris Stretch Mark Oil, what do you think about it ?

I found it on Instagram! I fell in love with the smell, it is not like other stretch mark cream fragrance. It is “gourmet” but not too much. It was a real pleasure to apply it every day throughout my pregnancy. I still apply it today after my child birth. Besides, it worked very well on me. 

Something good to share ?

I would like to talk about the blog " BabyProof ". I follow this mum on Instagram. Lots of interviews, experiences, advices and ideas for mums and mums-to-be. 

Which moments with your children would you never miss ?

With Naïla, it is the moment she goes to bed. I can read her stories and she tells me what happened at school. With Nino, it is bath time: smiles and cuddles !

What about the daddy ?

He is a new generation daddy! He is good on every level! Bath, feeding, changing diapers. I can count on him.

Her beauty routine

Daylily Paris

Stretch Mark Oil - "L'Huile Sensorielle"

Daylily Paris

Stretch Mark Lotion - "Le Lait Fondant"

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