Our gift ideas for Mother’s Day

To be sure to please her on this symbolic day: discover all our boxes for (future and young) mothers!

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Our gift ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is approaching, and you want to give a nice gift to a pregnant woman or a young mother in your life? You are in the right place ! Discover our best gift ideas to be sure to please, and celebrate Mother’s Day as it should be!

Mother's Day: gifts to give to a mother-to-be

Finding the ideal gift for a mother-to-be is never easy: we generally have a lot of gift ideas for the baby, and many fewer for the mother. No question of giving her a diaper bag or an item from her birth list for Mother's Day ;-) If a book, a bracelet, a cushion or a personalized t-shirt always pleases a pregnant woman, they are not are not really part of the original gifts. To get off the beaten track, why not offer her a set of cosmetics to take care of her, and treat yourself to a little well-deserved relaxation session while waiting for baby?

Between preparation for birth and medical appointments, pregnant women , future mothers as well as young mothers, are often very busy and do not always have the opportunity to pamper themselves in this busy life. If you want to spoil a pregnant woman in your life on the occasion of Mother's Day, think of an original gift that she is sure to please: face and body treatments with pleasant textures and delicate scents. Based on organic vegetable oils or marine algae, our treatments are 100% compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding and your future mother will be able to use them without asking any questions! Sensoriality is at the heart of Daylily products: we have focused on pleasant textures and delicate fragrances to make their application a real moment of pleasure.

The Fondant Milk and its velvety and creamy texture, or the anti-stretch mark Sensory Oil and its biscuity scent captivate the senses of pregnant women, while nourishing and softening their fragile skin. Why not also introduce her to La Pause Douceur , the first impregnated fabric mask that soothes and hydrates the bellies of future mothers for a 100% relaxing moment? This body routine, available in a box set, can be completed with our 2-in-1 face cream , both moisturizing cream and sunscreen with SPF50+, and our Déo Caresse , compatible with pregnancy.

Already a mother? Perfect Mother's Day gifts!

Generally, baby is showered with presents but few people think of spoiling the young mother who, let's not forget, put in considerable work during childbirth and during the nine months of pregnancy! If you want to give a gift to the mother at the maternity ward or when she returns home, why not offer her a moment of relaxation and cocooning with our post-pregnancy care, such as Le Baume Creamy , ideal after childbirth, firms the skin, fights cellulite and fades red stretch marks (for prevention and correction). To be applied immediately after leaving the maternity ward and for several months to regain beautiful, firm skin! The young mothers who have tested it are unanimous: it is a perfect ally for taking care of yourself after childbirth!

Are you looking for an original gift idea for a new mother? If you don't want to make a mistake, our care sets are an ideal solution. Body balm, massage oil, moisturizing face cream with added sun protection… We have everything you need to properly congratulate a young mother and offer her a beauty moment, just for her!

Mother Nightlight Oil is certainly our most versatile gift for mom: multi-function, it can be used for the face, body or hair. It is aimed at all women who want a 3-in-1 product; for a practical and quick beauty routine!

Daylily treatments are specially formulated without toxic ingredients to be 100% compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding. No worries! They are available alone, or in boxes to suit all budgets.

Pregnancy gift or gift for a mother, with Daylily treatments and boxes, you are sure to hit the mark on Mother's Day

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