Christmas: what gifts for pregnant women and mothers?

Choose the ideal gift to please a future or young mother in your life: Our boxes or the gift card to be sure to please. This end of year is also an opportunity to think of yourself and treat yourself!

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Christmas is coming and it's time to start thinking about gifts! This year, you have a pregnant woman or a young mother in your entourage – perhaps you yourself are directly concerned ;-) and you are wondering what could please her … while looking for a slightly original gift , which changes jewelry, or traditional mugs, books or posters. This is good, because at Daylily, you will inevitably find a gift idea to give him a nice surprise!

During pregnancy, future mothers are often busy preparing for the birth of their baby, and do not always have time to take care of their skin . After birth, fatigue often takes over from beauty routines! So why not give this mother a moment of relaxation to relax and pamper herself with a Christmas gift dedicated to well-being?

A Christmas gift to please a mother-to-be

As for body care, bet on a 100% cocooning gift for Christmas with our anti-stretch mark creams and oil (Le Lait Fondant , l' Huile Sensorielle ), our Creamy Balm , which firms, eliminates cellulite and erases stretch marks in one gesture or the La Pause Douceur mask, which takes care of the round belly of the mother-to-be. Deo Caresse with its natural formula will appeal to both pregnant women and young mothers, and all women who want care without controversial ingredients.

As for facial care, bet on the Crème Radieuse SPF50+ : both moisturizing cream and sunscreen, it nourishes and protects all skin from the sun! You can use it without fear all year round, it accompanies you and takes care of your skin throughout the seasons!

For Christmas, are you looking for a versatile gift for mom that will accompany her every day? Our 3-in-1 Mother-Nightlight Oil will work wonders on the face, body and hair of mothers who will be captivated by its very pleasant dry texture, and its biscuity and vanilla scent is an invitation to travel...

All Daylily products are compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding . We favor quality , organic or natural ingredients. For Christmas, find them in a women's care set , for a complete beauty routine and a very nice gift that is sure to please !

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