Celebrate the winter sales with our Daylily care

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Celebrate the winter sales with our Daylily care

The winter sales are coming to Daylily, specialist in natural care for pregnant women and new mothers ! The sales period is often awaited by future mothers to renew their wardrobe: there is nothing like buying new maternity clothes (dress, pants, skirt, sweatshirt, etc.) to feel pretty and comfortable in waiting for baby. But sales aren't just about fashion items: they're also ideal for shopping for your favorite skincare products at attractive prices or discovering new items without spending too much .

In January, Daylily is having sales: whether you are looking for gifts for certain occasions of the year or cosmetics to take care of your round belly , you are in the right place! You will inevitably find what you are looking for among our treatments available alone or in a set, but always at reduced prices during the winter sales period.

For example, fall for our anti-stretch mark Sensory Oil , to apply on the stomach and all areas of tension to nourish and soften the skin , discover our Radiant Cream - Day Cream SPF 50+ to protect the delicate skin of women pregnant, subject to pregnancy mask, or treat yourself to our Multi-function Mother-Nightlight Oil with a feminine scent which will accompany you after the birth of your baby. Our products are in fact 100% compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding , guaranteed without toxic ingredients, to take care of mom and her little one in complete safety.

Take advantage of the winter sales from January 12 to January 18, 2022 to stock up on cocooning treatments at a reduced price: perfect to accompany you during your pregnancy and in your maternity ward in complete naturalness, or to pamper a future mother in your entourage, who will undoubtedly appreciate being offered a beauty break and while waiting for baby!

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